Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business on Social Media is takes a lot of time and patience - let us help you out!

Are you visible on social media?

What is social media, or social media marketing?

The simple answer is the process of gaining website traffic, business or leads through social media.

Why is social media marketing important?

Your social media presence is another reflection of your company brand, message, values, products and services.  Skimp on the social media marketing and it may tell clients you may skimp on their service. Social media marketing can be another way to get your corporate message across to thousands and millions of potential customers.  In many cases, this is like a grassroots form of marketing because it allows customers, clients, prospects and fans of your product/business engage with your company.  Most importantly, customers/consumers can engage with your company through social media and that makes them feel like you care, are listening to them and value them as a person and a customer.  This type of engagement naturally draws them to your company/business and can enhance your company reputation with consumers.

Why can you benefit from social media marketing?

There are a number of ways your company can benefit from social media marketing, including:

  •          It can develop your brand, online reputation and customer service reputation.
  •          Position your company as an industry thought leader by using social media marketing to promote your products and services.
  •          Marketing – access to thousands/millions of new customers who can learn about your company through social media channels.
  •          Information: You can promote specials, changes, new product launches and more through social media.

What types of social media marketing are out there?

While Facebook has been a key factor in driving social media marketing, it is only one aspect of a strong social media presence.  That’s why so many companies take the WRONG approach to social media marketing.  Social media is much more than Facebook.  In fact, it’s much more than YouTube, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, blogging and on and on.  That’s why you need a social media marketing strategy.  Let us drive you in the right direction with the right social media marketing strategy.  We’ll show you the right way to get noticed and build your presence through social media. Contact us today!