Website Layout and Design

Having a website that converts is a critical aspect of your business.

Is your site built to convert?

Everyone has a website these days. But not everyone has a good website. There is a big difference and we at RSVP Online understand that difference and how it affects your business and ultimately, your bottom line.

Why is a good web site design important?

Your web site is often the first thing customers see when learning about your company. It’s the face of your company, your brand, your reputation. A nice looking, well-designed website shows potential customers that you take pride in your business and will take pride in providing your customers with a service or product – the service/product they are looking for when coming to your website.

Purpose of your web site

We understand that you want more than just a web site. You want a web site that will drive results. That means it has to be engaging, easy to use and provide answers to the consumers needs. People search web sites because they need something, want something, or are looking for something. You have what they are looking for and by showing that through your web site, you gain the consumers interest. As they search your web site they quickly determine if you are a company they would like to do business with. Translation: Will they spend their hard earned money on your company and services?

Your message through a website

To answer the question above, they will spend money on your products/services if your website engages them enough to believe in your product and services. A consumer can make a buying decision within seconds of being on your web site. An outdated site will drive them away, no matter how good your product/services and prices. You could have the best deals on the internet, but if the customer doesn’t stay on the site long enough and if the site isn’t modern or easy to navigate, they won’t believe you can provide them what they need and they will leave – heading to your competitor.
A well-designed web site sends a message that you want their business and will provide them everything they need to earn their trust and business.

What makes a website good?

Through a combination of design, content and ease of navigation, we can create a user-friendly web site that gains clients, generates business and keeps customers coming back for more.
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